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Animal Six
About Animal Six


About Animal Six

Animal Six is a one man music and sound  project.
The 6th Animal utilizes the overwhelming effects that music and sound have on the human mind, to create emotional, tense and mind altering head trips.
There are no studio recorded albums available by Animal Six. Animal Six will always remain as a free musical project available to everyone. Animal Six is not a corporate controlled form of 'art', but rather an independent sound project created by pure imagination and creative artistry with no capital influence.
This is an experimental head trip composed from the dark mind of a single individual. The 6th Animal portrays the moods and emotions of the human mind in it's many forms.  Sometimes the darkness will be broken and shattered my a short lived, glimmer of light.......the same as the complicated human emotion.
The 6th Animal's meaning is a universal one that minds of a higher plain shall recognize over time. His identity will always remain as just a word and a number, his given name will always be missing importance.
So sit back and listen to the various 'head trips' in MP3 form.  Most are best listened to under some sort of chemical influence under which they were also created.